About me Muyiwa Lagos

Born in Lagos, and now based in the United Kingdom, I spent the early parts of my career building & launching life changing products & growing audiences for media organisations, large financial institutions, marketing agencies & tech companies where I built skills and expertise in a variety of areas including Digital Strategy, SEO, brand/audience management, SEO, Email Marketing & Copywriting.

I then decided that the next phase of my career would be dedicated to working directly with  smart business owners & ambitious personal brands to equip them with the skills, tools & to build highly profitable online businesses using my proven growth methods & strategies.

I now consult for businesses & brands offering Digital Strategy Sessions, Email Marketing & Copywriting Services.

I enjoy teaching & writing about emerging trends in digital/online businesses & personal development as I believe success in one of these areas is dependent on the other.

I have been hailed for my highly motivational “no fluff”, outcome and result focused style of teaching and have been hailed by both clients and students alike.

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